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Paradigmatic Moments in Lacan's Works and
Ethical Repercussions in the Direction of the Treatment
Antonella Marreiros

October 19th, 2024
11:00am - 12:30pm PST

From the appreciation of the central role of the notion of structure in the Lacanian proposition of the unconscious structured as language, we have registered the developments of a clinic that is organized as a device for words and for a listening under transference, which makes access to desire viable for the subject. But what remains, among the theoretical acquisitions made by Lacan in the middle of last century, that we can say still relates to today's clinic? If we have started from the structure, where are we now? What are the metapsychological, ethical and clinical consequences of Lacan’s most consequential venture at the end of his works? What is the statute of the use of topology specifically in the context of this venture? How does it impact our field and work today, and, more specifically, the direction of the treatment?


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